Chrono Trigger Remake Project
CTRP is no more. Unfortunatly the unavoidable has happened, we got a Cease and Desist letter. Of course they got some of the facts wrong but it's pointless to discuss.
We from the CTRP team would like to say sorry to Square-Enix, Co. Ltd. and its affiliates. We didn't realised that a fan game would be so harmfull to your business.
So the CTRP Team will cease their activities to recreate CT, in hope of a future development from the official Square Enix Co., Ltd. team.
We would also like to apologise about the false hope this project gave to the CT community, hopefully SE will do a so deserved remake/sequel, and we all bet that it will be even better than a fan remake.
Cya all in a brighter future!
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